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Richard Conrad Morgan












Born in Eastbourne, England, in 1956, singer-songwriter
Richard Conrad Morgan grew up
listening to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

In 1981, he packed away his turntable before studying in
Canada and only took it out again 20 years later
in Switzerland. He wrote his first song in 2005 after moving
into a house in the country. Six months later, he had
enough for an album.

Richard has a distinctive warm voice and writes melodies
that swing as well as witty lyrics : his early songs
recall the standards of the golden age of jazz, but recently
he has been moving in another direction
and his new album MY TITANIC, out on 31st March 2016,
navigates more towards Adult Contemporary/Easy Listening.

Also a documentary film-maker, Richard Conrad Morgan lives
near Romont in the French part of Switzerland with his wife, Brigitte.

Discography :

My Titanic, Album, 2016
Je me débrouille, Single, 2014
Popcorn, Instrumental Single, 2014
Mist, Instrumental Single, 2011
The Less You Do, Album, 2010
Letting Go, EP, 2007

Sounds like: Bob Dylan meets Nat King Cole

Sounded like: Brit-wit jazz.

Press Quote: “Morgan has a warm, engaging voice that suits his material well… his lyrics are
first-rate and sometimes remind you of those mid 20th Century jazzy standards.”

Graham Clarke, Blues Bytes