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Have you ever felt a long way from home?

Have you ever felt like a sinking ship iceberged by your ex?

Have you ever visited a dying person in hospital?

Have you ever felt like an alien on planet earth?

Have you ever been driven mad with grief after a breakup?

Check out MY TITANIC, the new album from Richard Conrad Morgan.

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What people are saying about MY TITANIC:

“A timeless album where experience, dreams and reality blend in complete harmony. Discover a universe of intimate and authentic ballads and you won’t escape its charm.”
Christophe Pulfer, SwissAddict

CAN’T YOU SEE (song):

Great track.
Stuart Cheese, One Night Stand Music

‘Richard Conrad Morgan’s straightforward, passionate reflections on a lost love
are elevated by his elegant voice and closely constructed tribal rhythm backing.’
Winner, Best World Beat Song, Akademia Awards, January 2016

‘Great song, reminds me of John Cale: fragility trapped in a voice with quite a bit of steel in it…’
tmaker, Crowd Audio Mixing Competition

BIG FAT MAMA (song):
“Fun song, great tune, great singing and love the lyrics.  Fantastic.”
Crowd Review

Singer/songwriter Richard Conrad Morgan brought out a vocal jazz EP Letting Go in 2007 and a vocal jazz album The Less You Do in 2010. Music from the album was played on over eighty radio stations world-wide and still goes out regularly on Radio Swiss Jazz.

However, his new album, My Titanic, out on 31st March 2016, takes the listener a long way from jazz.  It contains powerful atmospheres and  explores both dark and lighter themes.  The music moves from blues to pop, from easy listening to experimental and world beat.

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